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Buyout Investment
Voice of portfolio company management

Masahiko Fujioka, CEO and President
Kotobuki Data Bank (Formerly Kotobuki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)

Through the “Management Vision Establishment Project,” iSigma led the reformation of our corporate culture, activation of employee communication, and improvement in employee motivation. On the sales front, iSigma worked alongside us to utilize Marubeni Group’s business network, leading to the acquisition of large clients, that have become the foundation of our long lasting business performance. We deeply appreciate iSigma’s support.

Akihiko Masuda, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Maos, Co., Ltd./Sinsouki Co., Ltd.
(Founder of Maos and former CEO and president of Maos and Sinsouki)

Aspiring to become No. 3 in the industry next to Park 24 and Repark by collaborating with a large real estate company, we worked together with iSigma. We experienced everything in the “We are on the same boat” spirit from start to finish, and we thank iSigma very much. Many efforts with iSigma led to our becoming a member of Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd, which is a wonderful partner. To have met iSigma and to be still having a close relationship is a huge asset. I would love to tell how great and how helpful it is to collaborate with iSigma to any owner CEO’s who may misunderstand and have a poor impression of these types of funds (and there are still many of these people in Japan).

Yoichi Shibata, CEO and President
Premium Financial Services Co., Ltd.

For approximately two years, iSigma supported us in our business operations and the promotion of our business as a capital partner. We believe that taking advantage of the vast network of the Marubeni Group has enabled us to strengthen our business, while iSigma’s support based on the understanding and respect of our management policy. iSigma went beyond the capital partner role to give us a really significant amount of support toward our corporate growth. As we aim for higher goals and go forward to enter new fields, we are very grateful to iSigma for their past support.

Sokichi Kimbara, Managing Director

While we at IINO are confident in our craftsmanship, our management resources were concentrated on plant management, rather than comprehensive business management, including the design and execution of business strategies and tactics, typical of many Japanese SMEs.
Post iSigma’s investment, a new business approach was adopted that turned out to be extremely valuable in terms of making up for what we lacked previously. The business approach is characterized by discussions through thorough deliberation and mutual respect on mainly realistic and sometimes flexible methods to close the gaps between plans and reality. With respect to our overseas expansion in particular, the launching of our overseas plants went smoothly for the very reason.
I thoroughly recommend iSigma to SME owners who face similar challenges.