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Buyout Investment
Outline of iSigma Business Advancement Funds

ISC actively conducts investment activities targeting SMEs.

Name iSigma Business Advancement Fund I, iSigma Business Advancement Fund II
General partner iSigma Capital Corporation/ iSigma Partners Corporation (operator engaged in specially permitted business for qualified institutional investors, etc.)
Established March, 2008 (Fund I), September 2013 (Fund II)
Fund term 10 years
Target investees
Sales volume About 5 billion - 50 billion yen
Equity ratio Basically over 50% (also possible to consider minority investment under certain conditions)
Business types Not limited to, but mainly business types described below in which Marubeni Group has a network in Japan and overseas
Food and restaurants/apparel/chemical products/electronic materials/automobile parts/machinery manufacturing/other consumer goods (manufacture, wholesale, retail, and SPA)/information and communication/paper and pulp/distribution/logistics/mail order