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Buyout Investment
Concept of the iSigma Business Advancement Funds

The goal of iSigma Business Advancement Fund Is to improve corporate value of our investees. To achieve our goal, we differentiate ourselves not only as a source of capital but also as a business partner. Our investments are mainly Japanese SMEs (including listed companies) of a wide range of industries. As well as providing capital to solve succession issues or bottlenecks of growth, we optimally utilize Marubeni’s capabilities and networks in various business fields as a general trading company by supporting our investees business issues ranging from sales and marketing, overseas expansion, raw material procurement, human resource planning, business strategy planning and restructuring, to development of business management systems, capital policies and M&A and alliances strategies.

Through such activities, we will drive forward to the preservation and development of technical skills and brand value provided by Japanese SME’s, that act as the basis of exceptional quality and service of Corporate Japan. Such initiatives shall also lead to additional job creation and revitalization of regional economies.

Target investees

  • Has a firm philosophy at the base of the products they develop and manufacture, and the services they provide.
  • Possesses a holistic self-understanding of current market position as well as a clear vision of the future market and where it stands.
  • Has established (or is on the way to establish) a high entry barrier which offering is difficult to imitate (strong technical and managerial assets).
  • Has the will to proactively discuss managerial issues and develop better management support systems and has (or is trying to have) a developed financial accounting infrastructure.
  • Possesses a comprehensive strength and balance between the management team.