Marubeni Group

iSigma Capital CorporationOtemachi 1st Square West Tower 2F, 1-5-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, japan
TEL : +81 3-6206-3210(Rep.)
FAX : +81 3-3201-5620

Buyout Investment
Business Advancement Activities

We maximize the value of our investees through integrating investment fund manager skillsets with Marubeni's tangible business capabilities as a general trading company.

Strengths as a pioneer in buyout investment funds

  • Comprehensive support for management improvement
    • Encourage thinking ahead by initiating the development of mid-term management strategy.
    • Support the development and utilization of management support systems.
    • Enhance strategic human resource planning, such as recruitment of managerial personnel.
  • Excellent deal execution capacity
    • Based on our rich track record and experience, we are capable of flexible problem solving, and prompt decision-making.
  • Comprehensive support for management improvement
    • While the investee can enjoy credibility under the umbrella of Marubeni group, our business decisions are totally independent from our parent company which enables us to provide continuous and consistent support.

Strengths of having the general trading company Marubeni as the parent company

  • Integrated strength of the Marubeni Group
    • Market intelligence from Marubeni Group as an industry insider in various industry segments leads to precise investment and business decisions.
    • Capable of providing “real solutions” as a business player.
    • Strength in business essential solutions such as logistics, procurement, sales & marketing and global expansion.
    • Ability to provide industry specific information, network, and talent.
  • Sense of security to all stakeholders
    • Implements a down-to-earth management style being a member of the Marubeni group.
    • Marubeni group's firm corporate policy regarding social responsibility applies to us.