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iSigma Capital CorporationOtemachi 1st Square West Tower 2F, 1-5-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, japan
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About us

A hybrid private equity firm, integrating investment skillsets with business intelligence, operation expertise and global network of a Sogo Shosha (General Trading House)

iSigma Capital Corporation

iSigma Capital (ISC) was established in September 2000 as a venture capital fund manager, aggregating similar functions that lied within several business divisions within Marubeni Corporation (our parent company). General trading companies like Marubeni are particular to Japan and have developed not only by acting as a global intermediary of raw material and goods but by creating or acquiring functions throughout the value-chain of various businesses through investments.

As for buyout investments, ISC began carrying out activities in earnest in October 2006 through the transfer of buyout investment and principal investment operations from the former Marubeni Structured Finance Department. In 1997, Marubeni Corporation formed the first buyout fund in Japan through co-operation with Advantage Partners. Ever since, ISC has contributed to the expansion of the private equity market and revitalization of the Japanese economy as a pioneer of going independent investments and growth support investments in Japan.

By integrating ISC’s investment skillsets accumulated through many years of experience and by taking advantage of Marubeni’s heritage and DNA to be able to deploy a cross-functional approach by utilizing Marubeni group’s vast business network and deep business skillsets encompassing various sectors, ISC will continuously strive to improve its investees' corporate value.